Star Wars book reveals the secret military LANGUAGE and CONCEPT codes of the SCIENCE WARS

by herbzins 25. February 2015 05:06

Book-015 analysis report by Herb Zinser reviews  some of  the SCIENCE WAR messages that are subset messages embedded within the larger text of a Star Wars military  guide.


Reflections on the Science Wars by Norman Levitt


On the intellectual level, if not the institutional one, the “science wars” were over shortly … Professor of Physics, New York University [ ] … Alan Sokal, published in the Times Literary Supplement (London), 17 October 1997, p.


The Science Wars – Cardiff University

Cardiff University

In the USA the best known names are Paul Gross, Norman Levitt, and Alan Sokal. In Britain the most aggressive science warrior is biologist, Lewis Wolpert. The best known science wars event is the publication of a hoax article by the physicist Alan Sokal in the journal Social Text.



Let’s look at Star Wars and its  military language keywords and concepts.





Dark Lord –> information pointer to –>

Dark matter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia





Jan 15, 2015 – Dark matter makes up about 25%. … But when physicists tried to calculate how much energy this would give empty space, the answer came out …



Keyword –> Darth Vader  –> Vader –> Va social interaction processes of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family.

Coefficients in VA interaction – Physics Stack Exchange…/coefficients-in-v-a-interact
Stack Exchange

Jul 22, 2012 – To account for parity violation the weak interaction matrix element is written in the form. Why does time reversal invariance imply that the …

Fermi and the Theory of Weak Interactions
by G Rajasekaran – ‎2014 – ‎Cited by 1 – ‎Related articles

Feb 25, 2014 – Enrico Fermi formulated the theory of weak interactions in 1934 and his ….. In the history of weak interaction physics the discovery of the V-A …

Axial Vector Current Conservation in Weak Interactions

American Physical Society
by Y Nambu – ‎1960 – ‎Cited by 1227 – ‎Related articles

V-A theory only after spinors are rearranged by the. Fierz transformation … Yoichiro Nambu. Enrico Fermi Institute for Nuclear Studies and Department of Physics.



What are some  more messages?






Supreme Chancellor  Pal / friend  /ally ....

Supreme........cell           ----> molecular brain cell biology.


Snow,     C.............p




The Two Cultures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Two Cultures is the title of the first part of an influential 1959 Rede Lecture by British scientist and novelist C. P. Snow.[1][2] Its thesis was that "the intellectual life of the whole of western society" was split into the titular two cultures — namely the sciences and the humanities — and that this was a major hindrance to solving the world's problems.
The Grand Army code  --->

Grand Unified Theory - The Particle Adventure
The Particle Adventure
Today, one of the major goals of particle physics is to unify the various fundamental forces in a Grand Unified Theory which could offer a more elegant ...

Theory of everything - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Grand Unified Theory (GUT) is a model in particle physics in which at high ... three interactions would provide a theory of everything (TOE), rather than a GUT.





Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church - Bayou St. John ... › Religious Organizations › Churches


Rating: 4.5 - ‎3 reviews

3 Reviews of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church "This is my new church home! ... 12/23/2012 ...
It's funny because the choir director

heard me sing one time

in the congregation at 6 o'clock mass
is trying to convince me to join the choir.


Above. carbon atomic number 6 song  at 6 o/clock.


St. Mary's Catholic Center |       (atomic)  Mass Times

| College Station, TX

Daily Mass on Campus - 12:05pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the All Faiths Chapel. (This Mass is held during Fall and Spring semesters from the first ...



Order of Mass - United States Conference of  periodic atomic table  ..... Catholic Bishops
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Roman Missal and the Chrism Mass · Consubstantial with the Father · The ... Another way of dividing a Mass is into its "ordinary" parts—those texts which, ...









Residue theorem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Wikipedia
    In complex analysis, a field in mathematics, the residue theorem, sometimes called ... It resists the techniques of elementary calculus but can be evaluated by ...
    Example - ‎Example 2 - ‎See also - ‎References
  • [PDF]The Calculus of Residues

The Calculus of Residues. “Using the Residue Theorem to evaluate integrals and sums”. The residue theorem allows us to evaluate integrals without actually.

Thus the applied military  math at C = Cole Hall shooting with Pole-American math expression officer Steven K.  and the student residue of the shooting event.

Northern Illinois University shooting - Wikipedia, the free ...



The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008. Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, killing five people and injuring another twenty-one, before committing suicide.


The SCIENCE MATH WAR incident happened at the campus's Cole Hall at approximately 3:05 p.m. local time.














President - Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library

World War I broke out in Europe between 1914 and 1918. ... He saw the debut of a young 20 year old pitcher by the name of George Herman "Babe" Ruth.


Year 1914 --> 14 ..... Nitrogen mass and the introduction of the gas into the war

Year 1914 --> Computer Earth  BAL region  PGM = IEFBR14, Disposition =  (Delete, Delete, Delete) 



IEFBR14 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

IEFBR14 can thus be used to create or delete a data set using JCL. ... From: John Pershing <> Date: 25 Jan 88 11:41:42 EST You can't ...


IEFBR14 can thus be used to create or delete a data set using JCL.

IEFBR14 can thus be used to  delete  data set  Europe in year 1914 .






Lecture 29: Fourier Series - MIT OpenCourseWare › ... › Video Lectures
  • MIT OpenCourseWare
    Home » Courses » Mathematics » Computational Science and Engineering I » Video Lectures » Lecture 29: Fourier Series (part 2) ...
  • [PDF]11. Fourier Analysis

Advanced Engineering Mathematics. 11. Fourier analysis. 1. 11.1 Fourier series. 11.2 Functions of arbitrary period. 11.9 Fourier transforms. 11.11 Applications of ...




Whether  --> word tricks to the human brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR 


Whether --> WH + ether from Washington, DC VIA television broadcast words ..... 


Ether and Chloroform - Facts & Summary -

By the time the American Civil War broke out in 1861, both ether and chloroform had been in use for several years as methods of surgical anesthesia. Though ...




Anesthesia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The first public demonstration of general anesthesia was in 1846 by a Boston ... Dr. Morton gave an ether anesthetic for the removal of a neck tumor by surgeon ...


Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia - Wikipedia ...
For other people of the same name, see Anastasia of Russia. ..... The film tells the story of a woman from an asylum who appears in Paris in 1928 and is ...

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia (Russian: Великая Княжна Анастасия Николаевна Романова, Velikaya Knyazhna Anastasiya Nikolayevna Romanova) (June 18 [O.S. June 5] 1901 – July 17, 1918) was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last sovereign of Imperial Russia, and his wife, Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna.

Anastasia was a younger sister of Grand Duchess Olga, Grand Duchess Tatiana, and Grand Duchess Maria, and was an elder sister of Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia. She was executed with her family in an extrajudicial killing by members of the Cheka, the Bolshevik secret police, on July 17, 1918.




Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia


Grand Duchess Anesthesia  in Paris

--> Par + is---> Parallel information systems 



ether, in physics and astronomy - Infoplease › ... › Science and Technology › Physics › Physics

ether or aether, in physics and astronomy, a hypothetical medium for transmitting light and heat , filling all unoccupied space; it is also called.



ether  ... year 2015 words to the brain to manipulate  physics and astronomy students - Infoplease › ... › Science and Technology › Physics › Physics

ether or aether, in physics and astronomy, a hypothetical medium for transmitting light and heat , filling all unoccupied space; it is also called.


Fort Hood suspect's religion was an issue, family says ...

Nov 7, 2009 - Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is a U.S.-born citizen of Palestinian descent. ....

An owner of a 7-Eleven convenience store at Fort Hood said Hasan, ..



String Theory WAR at Fort Hood  - Crystalinks
    String Theory predicts the existence of more than the
    3 space dimensions and 1 time (4 dimensions) ...
    of string theory in which 11 dimensions of spacetime
    are identified as 7 ... ...

    --> 7-11 store MILITARY codes of  STAR WARS agent  Nidal Hasan




Aug 22, 2004 - 14 posts - ‎11 authors

String theory suggest that the universe exists in 11-dimensions, 3 are the co-ordinates of the space 4th is the time. What does these other 7 ...


NOVA | The Elegant Universe - PBS

Eleven dimensions, parallel universes, and a world made out of strings. It's not science fiction, it's string theory.




NOVA | The Elegant Universe - PBS

NOVA | The Elegant Universe - PBS


Novocain - FDA prescribing information, side effects and uses › Professionals › FDA PI
    Novocain stabilizes the neuronal membrane and prevents the initiation and transmission of nerve impulses, thereby effecting local anesthesia. Novocain lacks ...
  • Novocain (procaine) medical facts from › Conditions › Local Anesthesia

What is Novocain (procaine)? Procaine is a local anesthetic. Procaine causes loss of feeling (numbness) of skin and mucous membranes. Procaine is used as ...



NOVA | The Elegant Universe - PBS

NOVA | The Elegant Universe - PBS

NOVAcaine for your brain  | The Elegant Universe - comatose PBS = Public Bull S.    tricks 





Manhattan Project Chronology - Atomic Archive › History › The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb. ... May 23,1942: The S-1 Executive Committee recommends that the project move to the pilot plant stage and ... January 13-14, 1943: Plans for the Y-12 electromagnetic plant are discussed.



......  evolution  of the Manhattan  project  to September  11, 2001 


Manhattan Project Chronology  -  year 2001 Atomic Archive › History › The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb. ...
May 23,1942 --> 42 --> Times Square Manhattan 42nd street 


The S-1 Executive Committee recommends  

The S-1 plus Tensor space/time committee recommends ......

......S-11  --> map to reality as September 11  



that the project move to the pilot plant stage and ... 

that the project move to the pilot plane  stage on September 11








Manhattan Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Circular shaped emblem with the words "Manhattan Project" at the top, and a .....
The population of Oak Ridge soon expanded well beyond the initial plans, and .....
Work on the main building began in October 1943, and the ........  stage pilot plan  ...



The Four Hijacked Planes - 9/11 Encyclopedia - September ...
New York Magazine

Aug 27, 2011 - The first of the four planes [P4] to depart was American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767-200ER. It was 159 feet and two inches long, with a ...




Thus the STAR  WARS book  clues about the  social science WAR secret DETAILS  not available in the newspapers.


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