Part 1 - The Earth magnetic field FABRIC of space/ time engaged in human WAR on the geography surface of EARTH

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RD-blog-number-5626 by Herb Zinser reviews the modern neuroscience  science wars for control of the INTERNAL brain social perception thoughts of  math, physics, and engineering people that work with EXTERNAL reality technical projects using equations and formula  with  LAB tests,  etc.   After that ..we will cover  SCIENCE WAR  events in Ferguson Missouri and in Wisconsin  ... that help reveal the structure of societies and their secret language CODES  that exist  as subsets embedded within the  existential fabric on EARTH.



String theory WAR data describes 

the puppet control strings of 

Fe = Females over male science

Scientists' rhetoric in the science wars", by Felicity ... - Physics


New York University

The Truth of Science and Intellectual Impostures are both physicists' ... called “Science Wars” and, whilst deploying very different strategies, the books have ...

Introduction The Science Wars in Perspective The steadily ...

University of Minnesota


At their molarized, the science wars are portrayed simply ... believes that the laws of physics are mere social conventions,” Sokal writes, “is invited to try.


h3 class="r" style="font-size: 18px; font-weight: normal; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; display: block; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap;">In 2014 and 2015, what type of propaganda techniques 
are used in Fer = Ferguson and FermiLAB.




Shooting of Michael Brown - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The shooting of Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, 28, a white Ferguson police officer.
Wilson Hall and the Flip Wilson atomic  comedy team causes policeman Darren Wilson to be Halled into court.


n class="st" style="line-height: 1.4; word-wrap: break-word;">



Super-symmetry existential physics SYMBOL / WORD  mirrors ...... 
Wilson Hall  ....... brain cell programming VIA television .........
  • Flip Wilson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Flip Wilson (December 8, 1933 – November 25, 1998) was an African Americancomedian and actor. In the early 1970s, Wilson hosted his own weekly variety  ...




Thus we see the CAUSE and EFFECT  upon sections of the male science brain  ..and how the FCC and  TV was used to gain control of  male math and physics perceptions of social science signaling EVENTS.



 Above words ..word commands to the male brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR ..


Surface veneer words ...  Left and Right Brain Functions

Deep in the subconscious --> Left  Rig  Bra  Fun


Modern word BRAIN ....using adverstisng and marketing tricks

.......................BRA control of male thoughts creating bias and  VOIDs in  accurate percpetions

Thus the control of FermiLAB and univeristy science and engineering professors .....


Herb Zinser provides some data about Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.


Gateway Arch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The Gateway Arch is a 630-foot (192 m) monument in St. Louis in the U.S. state of Missouri. Clad in stainless steel and built in the form of an inverted, weighted ...




Henry Louis Gates, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Jr.





Thus we see various questions involving keyword --> Louis ... 
that the greater  metropoltian region around the cityy of St.Louis fails to try to answer.





Nature  creates some  blood LEAKS  events to generate information databases about the software  architecture of   existence and its subset human societies and institutions.
Some of Nature's  generated blood  information leaks ........
Event  .... .. blood leak signal

Shooting of Michael Brown - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia





The shooting of Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by .



Symbolism | Definition of symbolism by Merriam-Webster



the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or

by expressing the invisible or intangible
by means of visible





Why was  (ato) Michael Brown's body

left there for hours? : News


  • St. Louis Post‑Dispatch

    Sep 14, 2014 - The body of Michael Brown, 18, lies covered with a sheet near Canfield ... too, zeroed in on the four hours Brown's body lay on the ground.


Shooting of Michael Brown and Brownian motion bio-physics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The shooting of Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by ...




Michael Brown's Nickname: Cousin Eric Davis Says Teen ...

Aug 21, 2014 - Michael Brown's cousin Eric Davis and Louis Head, Brown's ... Indeed, Brown was 6 feet 4 inches tall and  weighed 292 pounds at the time of 


Nature's  bio-physics URANIUM  social anthropology war  DEMO signal  ......  betweeen Fe=  Ferrous oxide IRON atoms  in Ferguson VERSUS  FermiLAB
The super-symmetry existential physics MIRROR message .....
Darren Wilson applied physics policeman ..... 
message to  Wilson Hall
Fe= Ferrrus oxide female secretaries  about their secret tricks ...

Dennis the Menace (TV Series 1959–1963) - IMDb


Internet Movie Database


Rating: 7.1/10 - ‎1,016 votes



When his parents have to go out of town, Dennis  

stays with Mr. and Mrs. Wilson

and the subconsious mind

of adult theortical physics men and engineers 
who watched the TV show as young boys.

The little menace is driving Mr. Wilson crazy, but Dennis is just trying to be ...
Why hynotized FermiLAB   is in a coma in year 2015.
 an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by .
 an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by . 
an 18 families of the atomic SYMBOL table  is under attack in the brain



The New York Times



Aug 23, 2014 - Local officials say the image of Michael Brown's corpse in the open set the ... the body of Michael Brown lay in the middle of Canfield Drive.

Timeline for a Body: 4 Hours

Timeline for a Body: 4 Hours

Timeline for a Body: 4 Hours



Thus we look at the Earth Lab SCIENCE WARS...regarding space and time life.

--> Virginia TECH English department teaches:

....Twenty - Four hours = 24 hour day OR in math words

... Twenty minus four = 24 hour day (a math contradiction)


....Twenty minus four = 16 hour day ( the April 16 math battle)



biological clock - The Free Dictionary

An internal mechanism in organisms that controls the periodicity of various functions or activities,
such as metabolic changes, sleep cycles, or photosynthesis. 2.


metabolic ..... society as an organism ..hence




Bolshevik Revolution: 1917 - Then Again

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 was initiated by millions of people ... In early October, Lenin convinced the Bolshevik Party to form an immediate 


The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 was initiated by millions of people other words ...

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 was initiated by the
Carl Jung group metabolism of millions of people




Thus we have Micheal Brown .....   an expression  agent for the St.Louis region  ...... with many secrets within his soul about the Carl Jung community collective unconsciousness.   Thus the LEAK .. in information LEAK .

His     blood plasmid  secret   dp (data processing system)  .....  in the process of death .... that blood plasmid flowed  ..... like a data pipeline  from the INTERNAL  bio-computer biology dimension to the EXTERNAL dimension.


The the information flow transfer ......VIA his b100d output and its data field contents.


Canfield Drive – Site of Mike Brown Shooting – Becomes ...

Nov 26, 2014 - In Ferguson, Missouri, the site on Canfield Drive where robber Michael Brownwas shot dead by white police officer Darren Wilson is becoming ..

Thus Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory  of EARTHLY space/time  .... states that Michael Brown  blood flow of internal data fields  that become  output data fields ....... that are  new input to the  Earth data space dimension .... atmosphere / ground/ street.


Canfield Drive -->  Field  Driver --> Data    field subroutine driver of Computer EARTH system 360/370  in the state of Missouri --> Mis = Management Information Systems.


Thus we have the EARTH version of CMS ..... 

Content management system - Wikipedia, the free ...

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface. Such systems of content management provide procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment.


.. in other words....

application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content of St.Louis region ,

 organizing, deleting  (the biology organs of Michael Brown)

maintenance from a central interface (Central Time Zone ......  Central Nervous System 370 human interface). 

in a collaborative environment --> hence the Darwin selection of  

Fer = Ferrous oxide IRON atom location of
Fer = Ferguson and the  parallel  Fer= FermiLAB.

Thus the incomplete  explanations given by newspaper  reporters about the Micheal Brown SECRET signaling EVENT from ST.Louis region of Ferguson  .....
with FermiLAB  atomic social sciences.,


  • Now,,let's look at the INVERSE universe signs.
    The Michael Brown weight 292 bio-physics code --> 92 
    The geometry shapes  U   and the universe shape (the St.Louis arch).
    The SYMBOL MACHINE keyword
    --> universe states the same equation  ...another such word
    ---> uncle 
    Two interpretations exist for this .............
    The keyword uncle --> subset codes --> un + cle  --. un + cycle
    Thus we see the symbols of a  sine wave  
    --> n  = top half 
    --> U = bottom half
    Thus using --> uncle --> u n cycle..using 2 horizontal lines  
    n     n      n       n     n     n      n    n 
       u      u      u      u     u     u     u 
    You could take an ink pen  and  draw a sin wave......  connecting the skelton outline of  --> uncle
    Now we know that the human words brother ..cousin  .
    .cousin .....
    ......sin  .... is  a human sin  wave  ......  an energy expression entity
    Do you have human relatives?
     A mother, sister, a cousin?  
    Do you REALLY know who they are?
    Is your father an EMployee of a company?
     Is he an ElectroMagnetic life form in human disguise?
    Now, the inverse universe concept ....  might be what Lewis Carroll was writing about.

    Through the Looking Glass | Penguin Books New Zealand

    Through the Looking Glass. Author: Lewis Carroll. Step into an upside-down world with Alice. One moment Alice is wondering what life is like on the other side of ...




    1. Down the Rabbit Hole

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll


    Step into an upside-down world with Alice.

    One moment Alice is wondering what life is like on the other side of the mirror, the next she finds herself through the looking-glass and in a topsy-turvy land where everything is back the front! Alice meets some extraordinary characters: Tweedledum and Tweedledee, pompous Humpty Dumpty and the bad-tempered Red Queen – none of whom are quite what they seem. But is Alice's adventure real, or is it just a dream?



    yes that's about the right distance -- but then I wonder what Latitude or Longitude I've got to?" (Alice had not the slightest idea what Latitude was, or Longitude either, but she thought they were nice grand words to say.)

    Presently she began again. "I wonder if I shall fall fight through the earth! How funny it'll seem to come out among the people that walk with their heads downwards! The antipathies, I think-" (she was rather glad there was no one listening, this time, as it didn't sound at all the right word) "-but I shall have to ask them what the name of the country is, you know. Please, Ma'am, is this New Zealand? Or Australia?" (and she tried to curtsey as she spoke- fancy, curtseying as you're falling through the air! Do you think you could manage it?) "And what an ignorant little girl she'll think me for asking! No, it'll never do to ask: perhaps I shall see it written up somewhere." 



    Please, Ma'am, is this New Zealand?

    Please, Ma'am, is this New Z  e  al  --> New Z electron alphabet ?



     Dinah, my dear! I wish you were down here with me! There are no mice in the air, I'm afraid, but you might catch a bat, and that's very like a mouse, you know. But do cats eat bats, I wonder?" And here Alice began to get rather sleepy, and went on saying to herself, in a dreamy son of way, "Do cats eat bats? Do cats eat bats?" and sometimes "Do bats eat cats?" for, you see, as she couldn't answer either question, it didn't much matter which way she put it. She felt that she was dozing off, and had just begun to dream that she was walking hand in hand with Dinah, and was saying to her, very earnestly, "Now, Dinah, tell me the truth: did you ever eat a bat?"


     did you ever eat a bat?"

     did you ever eat a bat?"

     did you ever eat a bat?" --> Batavia Bat (Batch) of engineers and physics researchers.



    "Do cats eat bats?

    "Do cats eat bats?

    "Do cats eat bats? --> do system catalogs eat batches of bio-computer ideas


    and the White Rabbit was still in sight, hurrying down it. There was not a moment to be lost

    and the White Rabbit was still in sight, hurrying down it. There was not a moment to be lost

    and the White .....bit of optical data in the eye/optical  nerve SYMBOL PROCESSOR 




    11. Who Stole the Tarts?

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll



    Alice had never been in a court of justice before, but she had read about them inbooks, and she was quite pleased to find that she knew the name of nearly everything there. 'That's the judge,' she said to herself, 'because of his great wig.'

    The judge, by the way, was the King; and as he wore his crown over the wig, (look at the frontispiece if you want to see how he did it,) he did not look at all comfortable, and it was certainly not becoming.

    'And that's the jury-box,' thought Alice, 'and those twelve creatures,' (she was obliged to say 'creatures,' you see, because some of them were animals, and some were birds,) 'I suppose they are the jurors.' She said this last word two or three times over to herself, being rather proud of it: for she thought, and rightly too, that very few little girls of her age knew the meaning of it at all. However, 'jury-men' would have done just as well.

    The   twelve  jurors were all writing very busily on slates. 'What are they doing?' Alice whispered to the Gryphon. 'They can't have anything to put down yet, before the trial's begun.'   


     the trial's begun.'   

     the trial's begun.'   

     the trial's begun.'  ..the organic molecule  chemistry

    .....  social chemistry trial 




    The   carbon twelve  jurors were all writing



    Ethane --> numbers 26 --> runway 26 airplane crash in Lexicon, Kentucky

     Propane --> number 38 --> latitude 38 death of Michael Brown (carbon black agent)

    ........................................latitude 38 death of Hannah Graham in CH city of Charlottesville, Virginia






    The   carbon twelve  jurors were all writing



    Thus we see the muti-faceted dimensions  and expressions of existential physics. 




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