Part 3 - Boston WAR trial

by herbzins 13. August 2015 20:42

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Leslie Hairston Wins 5th Ward Election – Hyde Park ……/hydepark/leslie-hairston-wins-5th-ward-el…Ald. Leslie Hairston secured a fifth term as 5th Ward&nbsp;<em>alderman</em>&nbsp;on …. Radio&nbsp;<em>Chicago</em>&nbsp;- Meet the&nbsp;&nbsp;at Ixcateco in Albany&nbsp;<em>Park</em>.

Thus we have the  important sequence of 3 events in the odd years LINKED to  Fermilab physics  and  its director of odd integers …. Pier Oddone from the Galapagos Island extension region of Peru, South America.

We had Virginia TECH information database …..

Year 2007 – shooting at  Virginia TECH …  Norris Hall

Year 2009 – shooting at Fort Hood  textbook READ center

Year 2011 – shooting at Virginia TECH  .. policeman

THEN .. continuing the  sene wave cycle with a period of 2 years

Year 2013 –  Boston Marathon race bombing

Year 2015 – the Waco motorcycle bikers  … Solar System message on SUNday from the EARTH LAB  Twin Peaks data generating site of Nature’s systems.

Uproar over Waco grand jury in biker cases –


Jul 10, 2015 – Waco detective may hear motorcycle biker shootout cases as grand jury … restaurant where nine people were killed in ashooting on Sunday, May 17.

Bandidos vs. Cossacks: Was biker shootout over territory …


A fight broke out among rival biker gangs in Waco, Texas, on Sunday, May 17, leaving at least nine people dead. At least 170 people were …

Above, the bio-math human  agents for cosine oscillations in the  Nikola Tesla existential physics .. expression dimensions on the EARTH  mathematical-physics surface    … the interface with bio-math bio-physics  human LIFE FORMS  and their various message display  formats- bio-physics.

The Cos –> Cosine  CYCLE   wave agents –>

 motorcycle  Cossacks

I, the author of this blog post …… live on Wisconsin earth  …
on a small farm with corn, soybeans,
and some beef  cattle.


Thus,  the possibility .. that my living on Wisconsin farm land soils …   with grain crops and animals  ….
the Tesla oscillations from TEXAS  travel using  Tesla EARTH vibrations ….. enabling me to understand the situation.

Now, obviously I first heard the television news reports about Waco  ….
and then read some of the newspaper reports AND INTERNET articles.

Then after a few weeks …  my sub-conscious MIND manages to say to my conscious MIND  ….
them  TWIN PEAKS  signs  looks like them high  schools algebra curves and the PSSC physics sin wave curves.

Thus prompted by the primoridal SIGMUN FREUD  clues .. ..   my conscious mind activated the amateur scientist within me….

and started to review the LANGUAGES and CONCEPTS  of sin waves, etc.

Grand     Unified  Theory – The Particle Adventure

The Particle Adventure

Today, one of the major goals of particle physics is to unify the various fundamental forces in a Grand Unified Theory which could offer a more elegant …

Physics uproar over    Waco  grand  jury in  motorcyclebiker cases –


Jul 10, 2015 – Waco detective may hear motorcycle biker shootout cases as grand jury … restaurant where nine people were killed

in a shooting on Sunday, May 17.

Above words ……..  particles (human)  drawn to  (Twin Peaks)  poles and collide

Below, the SUN  EM  …Sunday ….  motorcycle message ………….

Boston Marathon bombing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Boston Marathon bombing was a terrorist attack, followed by subsequent related shootings, that occurred when twopressure cooker bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. The bombs exploded about 12 seconds and 210 yards (190 m) apart at 2:49 pm EDT, near the marathon’s finish line on Boylston Street.
The suspects were identified later that day as Chechen brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

An unprecedented manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ensued on April 19, with thousands of law enforcement officers searching a 20-block area of Watertown.

.Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Dzhokhar      Tsarnaev  –> Nature’s messenger RNA 

Messenger RNA – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a large family of RNA molecules that convey genetic information from DNA to the ribosome, where they specify the amino acid sequence of the protein products of gene expression.

Transfer-messenger RNA – ‎Central dogma of molecular – ‎Mature messenger RNA     Nature’s messenger RNA receives  a conscious English language DEATH SENTENCE
from the sub-conscious MIND
arrogant nonsense of people with 
Spanish language and African language roots.    Let’s look at Boston, Massachusetts using EARTH Language.            

  • People also ask
  • How much mass is in the earth?

    How much mass is in the state of mass   on  earth?

kkkkHow do you find the mass of the earth?

How do you find the mass of the earth?

How do you find the mass of the earth?

–> Go to the Justice Department and they will send you to Boston.

EARTH LANGUAGE code –> Boston –> B + OS + ton (weight) —> Base oscillations with OS/JCL  ….. ..EARTH weight/ton ….. Nature’s usage of the control console of Boston.

The year  2013 Boston runners CAUSE the EARTH to vibrate.

Tesla’s Earthquake     Machine – The Excluded Middle the last years of the 19th century, technological alchemist Nikola Tesla may …

vibration sent

through the earth returns an echo signature using the same …

Echo wave –>  wave  continuum of oscillations –> wa + co –> waco  Texas

Waco — Texas A&M Transportation Institute › … › Maps to Facilities and Offices

Texas A&M University

Map to the TTI Waco Office. 510 N. Valley Mills Dr., Suite 308. Waco, TX 76710 … Texas A&M Transportation Institute · Texas A&M University System · 3135 …

A&M Transportation

A&M Transportation

A&M Transportation –> Amplitude Modulation

Chapter 2: Amplitude Modulation (AM) Transmission and ……/Chapter_2_Amplitude_Modulation

Chapter 2: Amplitude Modulation (AM) Transmission and Reception 2.3 AM Modulating Circuits / AM Modulators 23 There are two levels of modulation: …

Amplitude modulation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Amplitude modulation (AM) is a modulation technique used in electronic … reduced so long as the received signal is well above the threshold for reception.

Amplitude Modulation Reception at Texas A&M  (from the BOSS  of Boston)

AM receiver system and RF receiver calculations for receiver gain, image frequency, bandwidth, and frequency spectrum properties.

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar      Tsarnaev

(standing in the     vertical  Z-axis)   gets death sentence  

–> route to Janet Reno    and Waco Texas

……  the  Boss  of Boston orders the

DEATH SENTENCE for nine motorcycle bikers …


A jury has sentenced Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death. …

Boston Marathon bomber receives  KHZ death penalty from the

Spanish Inquisition version of the KHmer Rouge

Secrets of Ham Radio KHZ revealed by agent above  ….. and Pentagon controlled General Carter Ham

Khmer Rouge History | Cambodia Tribunal Monitor and the Boston Tribunal…/khmerrouge-history/The Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK), otherwise known as the Khmer Rouge, took control of Cambodia on April 17, 1975. The CPK created the state of

otherwise known as the Khmer Rouge, took control of Cambodia on April 17, 1975 otherwise known as the Khmer Rouge, took control of Cambodia on April 17, 1975 otherwise known as the Khmer Rouge, took control of Cambodia on April 17, 1975   otherwise known as the KhZ   brain radio   took control of Cambridge Mass universities (MIT and Harvard university
…. year 2015 whimps, string theory physics puppets,  and chicken KIEV  brain understanding of  the Urkraine EVENTS reported in the news )

500 kHz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Since early in the 20th century, the radio frequency of 500 kilohertz (500 kHz) has been an international calling

distress frequency for Morse code

  The Waco, Texas feedback  signal to Boston  region engineers   Bandidos –> band + i + dos –> bandwidth interface DOS (number 2 = two ….  or Microsoft DOS)               Notice, the  wave signal on his jacket  ….. the  hat /skull area of the person pictured …. what kind of wave format is inside his brain         Do triangle waves flow thru the Mexican  heritage  brain?   Do  saw-tooth waves flow  thru the  warSAW,  Poland brains?     Are the  Bermuda Triangle tragic events caused by triangle waves attacking the brain?

Off Topic – The “Mystery” of the Bermuda Triangle/Pentagon … › Forums › Football › The Premier League › LiverpoolThe five avengers lost on December 5th, 1945 are sometimes known as “The Lost Squadron.” [IMG] [IMG] TheBermuda Triangle, also known …Thus we have pieces to some puzzles ….. about the Theory of Everything in existential physics.


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