Part 3 - EARTH iron core wars

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Above, humanoids  of weight  … .. use their legs and applied TOE theory ……   to apply piezoelectric pressure to the EARTH surface in the  their EARTH LAB experiment.[PDF]Chapter 4: continued Atomic Vibrations  using CHINA geography to  simulate a clay potter CHINA dinnerware
Why frequencies are ……/Chapter4c_Vibrati
University of Western Ontario
1. Chapter 4. Chapter 4: continued. Atomic Vibrations. Every atom in a solid material isvibrating very rapidly about its lattice position within the crystal.Coupled mode theory for nonlinear piezoelectric plate ……/3260413_Coupled_mode_theory_fo…ResearchGate
Coupled mode theory for nonlinear piezoelectric plate vibrations … Inst. of Acoust., Nanjing Univ.,China … An experiment which verises the amplitude-driving voltage relation predicted by the theory … flexural coupled vibrations in a small rectangular piezoelectricceramic plate (8 … Applied PhysicsLetters 03/2004; 84(10).

Clay – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Clay is a fine-grained natural rock or soil material that combines one or more clayminerals with traces of metal oxides and organic matter. Clays are plastic due …

Clay – Encyclopedia of Earth

Jan 22, 2008 – The term clay refers to a number of earthy materials that are composed of minerals rich in alumina, silica and water.

Clay is not a single mineral, …………….

Samuel O. Hengel –  CLAY extension systems ….

EH Extra…/SamuelHengel/…/9…
Eagle Herald

Dec 3, 2010 – Sam was 15 years old and born in Green Bay, Wis., on June 27th, 1995, to Jonathan and Ann (ClaytonHengel.
He has been raised  on the EARTH sin wave  … geography surface platform .. known as Wisconsin earth.

sin wave  9999
Thus the horizontal sine wave of the Wisconsin  geography  land surface and the output port at Porterfield   …….  for Einstein’s  data processing DATA FIELD  theory and its evolution  into applications ……
The above sine wave  —->  English capital  .. alphabet letter   …..  vertical  S  …. rotated 90 degrees is a horizontal s.
letter s sine wave  rotate sam
Above, the Wisconsin earth land   …………….  horizontal  sine  wave
Below, the sine wave expression  system  ..   standing vertical  graph symbol  …… therefore
the Darwin selection of  an EARTH BOY ……  BOY  Scout SAM Hengel  ….for the sin wave bio-physics  message for the University  of Wisconsin.
letter s sine wave  rotate sam
Thus ….. long ago .. in ancient times …. in  the evolution of  energy and horizontal sin waves  …….. there was the  ocsassion of the first  VERTICAL  sine wave species of expression to emerge ..perpendicular to the EARTH surface   ….. .and the curvature of the human spine
bathing suit math curves.
Above,  Nature’s expression system……    bio-math displays of sine waves  ….
Notice, the picture on  the right   ……the right triangle signal of her elbow
and the
calculus(t)  intergration symbol  ….. her desire to integrate  with  math students  ..the REAL MEN of the universe


We have the Earth geology plates
….. then the EARTH surface country named CHINA / plate  ……
then we  have CHINA manufacturing factories   that use clay,  thermodynamics and pottery techniques to  make dinnerware .
….. and then we go to the big city of   BOSTON  and have a dinner table with  CHINA plates/ coffer cups./ soup bowels and forks  ………… and people that talk bull-stories
and  refuse to help understand  the murder of the CLAY people family member ….  EARTH BOY of the Clayton line …. .Boy  Scout  ..Sam Hengel. .
Samuel O. Hengel – EH…/SamuelHengel/…/9…
Eagle Herald
Dec 3, 2010 – Samuel O. Hengel found peace on Tuesday, Nov. … old and born in Green Bay, Wis., on June 27th, 1995, to Jonathan and Ann (ClaytonHengel. … Samwas a proud member of the Boy Scouts of America as a Life Scout and …


Wisconsin Teen Sam Hengel Dies After Shooting Self in … › US
Nov 30, 2010 – A 15-year-old student, Samuel Hengel, died today after shooting himself Monday night after holding a teacher and 23 classmates hostage, police said. … The gunman, identified asMarinette High School sophomore Sam ..
Let’s return …..   now to Tesla and the sin waves of the Sino-Korean border and the Sino-Russian geography border …….  .and its relationship to the WORLD of energy oscillations and their maps and borders..Ann (ClaytonHengel
Ann (ClaytonHengel –> Clay … ton  …………….   tons of EARTH weight
1991 Sino-Russian  Border Agreement – Wikipedia, the free ……/1991_SinoSoviet_Border_Agreem…
The 1991 Sino-Russian  Border Agreement was a treaty between the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union that set up demarcation work to resolve .
Sino–Korean Friendship Bridge – Wikipedia, the free …
The SinoKorean Friendship Bridge, SinoKorea Friendship Bridge, or China–North … China and Sinuiju, North Korea, along the China–North Korea border.Sino–Korean Friendship Bridge – Wikipedia, the free Sin o–K………..Fr               Bridge – Wikipedia, the free 
Sin  oscillation K   frequency Bridge 
Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge reopens: A sign with the Korean and Chinese flags is displayed near the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, the biggest border …Frequency SinO(oscillation) – Russian & Korean borders
F……………….. O …………………R…………..K
How Tuning Forks Hum – How Tuning Forks
By hitting a tuning fork, you’re causing its tines to vibrate back and forth several hundred times per second. Often, the vibrations are so fast that they’re not visible …Tuning Forks and Longitudinal Waves
The Physics Classroom
tuning fork serves as a useful illustration of how a vibrating object can produce sound. The fork consists of a handle and two tines. When the tuning fork is hit .
Tesla’s Earthquake Machine – The Excluded Middle
In the last years of the 19th century, technological alchemist Nikola Tesla may … Avibration sent through the earth returns an  echo    signature”   using the same ..
Sino – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sino generally refers to China, the ancient-to-modernhistory of China, the culture … Sino (Café Tacuba album), the 7th studio album by Mexican rock band Café …
Sino generally refers to China  ..ancient

Sino generally refers to China
Sino generally refers to China
Sino generally refers to China ..  modern  mouths of BOSTON 
Sino generally refers to Chin/ mouth oscillations while talking or eating 
Modern version   of Tesla oscillators in bio-physics format ….Sino generally refers to ChinaSin  o generally refers to China
Sin o gene           infers to Chin 
Sin wave  hole   genes      Chin  …. the mouth 
Thus  …we see EARTH LAB and the  Tesla  vibrations in various expression formats …
the history of the Sino-Korean and Sino-Russian conflicts   …..
and the Boston BOMBING echo signature of year 2013 …that Boston universities are and the Pentagon are to lazy to study and understand.Their oscillation LIFE is focused upon their MOUTH oscillations eating and talking …… hence……  their personal Hierarchy Problems of their  human body/brain and its atomic  vibrations, thoughts and self-awareness.
At the other END of the  mouth eating oscillation   … there  occurs an  ARM oscillation on the bathroom.
Gas Laws: Boyle’s Law Calculations on Boylston Street…/GasLaws/…
Davidson College
Boyle’s Law states that the product of the pressure and volume for a gas is a constant for a fixed amount of gas at a fixed temperature. Written in mathematical …
Thus we see the rigged TRIAL on Boston ……
as much event data and evidence  was deliberately withheld from the jury and the judge by the policies of the Department of Justice and others  in in Washington, DC    ..whose primary interest is to amuse the citizen /idiot who reads the incomplete explanations printed in the newspapers  …. and accepts that as the GESTALT.Thus you have  some pieces to  one of the puzzles    of  TOE Theory.Theory of everything – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
:6 Finding a ToE is one of the major unsolved problems in physics. Over the past few centuries, twotheoretical frameworks have been developed that, as a …‎Disambiguation – ‎Quantum field theory – ‎Theory of Everything (2014 film)
A Theory of Everything – PBS
Theory of Everything. We have reached an extraordinary point in the history of science, for somephysicists believe they are now on the verge of having a …
What is unified field theory or Theory of Everything (TOE … › … › Computer Science › Computing fundamentals
Unified field theory is sometimes called the Theory of Everything (TOE, for short): … Inphysics, a field refers to an area under the influence of some force, such as …


Thus ..let’s review ….. the energy sin  waves with Wisconsin.

EARTH     LANGUAGE  description of Wisconsin earth ..surface of ac = acres of land composed of ac = alternating cycles in units of  measure … ac = acres ..of farm land and forests.

How many feet in a square acre? | Yahoo Answers

Oct 5, 2006 – If you have on acre that is completely square how many feet would it be dimensionally? … Best Answer: 44,000 square foot 120ft x 120ft.
Online Conversion
3 posts

square feet to acre. … by christian kilroy on 02/23/05 at 23:13:39. how many square feet are in oneacre ? … at 12:05:41. An acre is exactly 43560 square feet.

44000 Square Foot to Acre (International) | Area | Unit …

Conversion of Units to Convert Square Foot to Acre (International) : 44000 sq ft = 1.0101 ac. Square Foot sq ftAcre (International) ac. 44000 Square Foot …

This LINKS the land  number 44,000  to  another alternating cycle number 440.

The north Wisconsin region …..  code words …

Wisconsin death  ..fill in the black with –> o — giving
……………node   –> the node of death    ….

such as the Porterfield, Wisconsin  death of Sam (Clayton family) Hengel  at the Marinette  puppet  string theory High school..

The other death region is the mathematical-physics  Dirac matrices shooting battle at Rice Lake Wisconsin … sin waves ..quantum waves.

10 years ago, 6 deer hunters slain in woods of western …

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Nov 21, 2014 – Terry Willers of Rice Lake, a hunter who received a serious neck wound when Vang shot him, once told me: “What happened sure changed a …


Oct 27, 2010 – Hmong immigrant Chai Vang went deer hunting in the woods of northern Wisconsin, not far from the town of Rice Lake in November of 2004.

Tree Stand Murders’ recounts St. Paul man’s Wisconsin …

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Mar 21, 2015 – Chai Soua Vang, 36, of StPaul, looks back as people leave a Sawyer … two others after being confronted for trespassing near Rice Lake.

St. Paul man’s ……


Dirac Matrices — from Wolfram MathWorld › … › Matrices › Matrix Types
by EW Weisstein – ‎2008 – ‎Cited by 6 – ‎Related articles

matrices which arise in quantum electrodynamics. There are a variety of different symbols used, andDirac matrices are also known as gamma matrices or Dirac .



[PDF]physics/0703214 PDF – arXiv
by PB Pal – ‎2007 – ‎Cited by 7 – ‎Related articles

May 14, 2015 – Representation-independent manipulations with. Dirac matrices and spinors. Palash B. Pal. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics.

[PDF]Dirac Matrices and Lorentz Spinors
Dirac Matrices and Lorentz Spinors. Background: In 3D, the spinor j = 1. 2 representation of the Spin(3) rotation group is constructed from the Pauli matrices σx, …

Appendix C: Dirac Matrix and Gamma Matrix Traces – Wiley ……app3/pdf
John Wiley & Sons
by Y Nagashima
817. Appendix C. Dirac Matrix and Gamma Matrix Traces. C.1. Dirac Plane Wave Solutions. 6p Б pµ γµ. (6p m)u(p) D 0 , (6p C m)v(p) D 0 u(p)(6p m) D 0 ,
Thus the battle at Rice Lake with  Nature’s EARTH mathematical-physics

agent Vang –> V + ang –> Vector angle.

Matrices…………. and linear algebra  …
In year 1970, we had  math President  NixoN for  N x N   matrices  and 
the math battles in the rice fields of Vietnam  …… with VS –> Vector Space  war being played out  in the EARTH physical  geography war  
EARTH  math region identifier VS –> Vector Space –> Vietnam South.
Illinois –> the land of Lines and Columns –> susbet codes –> Lin + Col  –> Land of Lincoln
Maryland –> M + ary + Land –> math array land    with Pentagon math agent  Linda Tripp –> code 
–>  Linda Tripp 
–> Lin + data + trip  + pp 
–> Lines  of  data  take a trip (travel)  parallel processing …… 


and the  murder of interceptor   …. Travis Zoellick  in the Township of   Emmet by Watertown, Wisconsin.


UWM student was kidnapped, killed over car, authorities say › … › Milwaukee County
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Oct 7, 2008 – … Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and Travis W. Zoellick wanted one just … were searching for him, and he confessed to killing Khan over a car.
Now, let’s look at the other SIN wave border disputes  …..  

H.R.399 – 114th Congress (2015-2016): Secure Our Borders …
H.R.399 – Secure Our Borders First Act of 2015114th Congress (2015-2016) | Get … 2) Directs the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to submit Border

Governor blames Obama, Congress for border crisis ……/news/gov-blames-obama-c
Albuquerque Journal
Jul 9, 2014 – “Immigrants flood across the border – or parents drop their children there … Democratic members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation …

Governor blames Obama, Congress for border crisis …

members of  Isaac Newton gravity field evolution ….. in New Mexico’s congressional delegation ..
The EARTH LAB  gravity field specimen  in G  =  Georgia
The evolution of Isaac Newton  …..  the modern Newton  VIEW ….
used by  Georgia TECH  thinkers  … 
whose bio-physics balls hang by gravity   ..  giving them complete understanding of REALITY  

Scrotum Pictures, Area & Definition | Gravity field Body Maps – Healthline

Healthline Networks
The scrotum (or scrotal sac) is a part of the external male genitalia located behind and underneath the penis. It is the small, muscular sac that contains and …   is used by Georgia TECH  males to explain gravity to   females

Newt Gingrich – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Newton Leroy “Newt” Gingrich is an American gravity field politician, Newton historian, author and political consultant. He represented Georgia’s carbon atomic number 6th congressional district as a Republican from 1979 until his resignation


Sine wave – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The sine wave is important in physics because it retains its wave shape when added to another sine wave of the same frequency and arbitrary phase and …

Encyclopaedia Britannica

These sinusoidal oscillations form the basis for the study of almost all forms of linear wave motion. In sound, for instance, a single sine wave produces a pure …

University of New South Wales

Physics@UNSW … Further, any wave can be written as a sum of sine waves. Which is strong motivation to study the travelling sine wave in some detail.

Doing TIME  for sine wave  frequency BIO-PHYSICS  social science errors.

Frequency  …..  subset code
…….quen  cy 

……..quen + time cycle n  … gives secret word

……………quen + ti + n

San Quentin State Prison – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

San Quentin State Prison (SQ) is a California Department of  FCC television and radio  SIN WAVE  Corrections and Rehabilitation state prison for men, 
located north of San Francisco in the …

FBI Ac (alternating cycles)  Academy in Quantico – 


How to Become an FBI Agent

Proudly called, “West Point for Law Enforcement,’ the FBI Academy occupies 547 acres on a Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia, just 40 miles from ..

“West Point for Law Enforcement,’ 
“West Point for Law Enforcement,’ 

“West Point for     Law(ns)   Enforcement  and real estate bedroom housing schemes 

base in Quantico, Virginia,
base in Quantico, Virginia,
base in Quan +  ti + co  –> Quantum  time code  agents 

Continuum (TV Series 2012– ) – IMDb

Internet Movie Database
Rating: 7.8/10 – ‎41,083 votes

detective from the year 2077 finds herself trapped in present day … her he was in the control room when the time travel device went off only he was sent back ….. 

his biochemistry brain molecule THOUGHT subroutines are sent back in time

Altitude … EARTH sin wave elevation ……   


of Tibet’s Major Cities/towns and Attractions › China Guide › Tibet

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the highest plateau in the world, with an average elevation of around 4,500 meters. The region is hence known as “the roof of the world’. See below for altitudes of major Tibet cities/towns and attractions.


The roots of the conflict lay in the disputed border between Tibetan government territory and the territory of the Republic of China, with the Tibetan government in principle claiming areas inhabited by Tibetans in neighboring Chinese provinces (Qinghai, Sichuan) which were in fact ruled by Chinese warlords loosely …

The Sino-Tibetan War is a war that began in 1930 when the Tibetan army under the 13th Dalai Lamainvaded Xikang and Yushu in Qinghai in a dispute over monasteries. Ma clique warlord Ma Bufangsecretly sent a telegram to Sichuan warlord Liu Wenhui and the leader of the Republic of China,Chiang Kai-shek, suggesting a joint attack on the Tibetan forces. Their armies rapidly overwhelmed and defeated the Tibetan army.


The roots of the conflict lay in the disputed border between Tibetan government territory and the territory of the Republic of China, with the Tibetan government in principle claiming areas inhabited by Tibetans in neighboring Chinese provinces (QinghaiSichuan) which were in fact ruled by Chinese warlords loosely aligned with the Republic; in the tense relationship between the 13th Dalai Lama and the 9th Panchen Lama


–> TibeT  –> Ti + be + t –> Time base time –> implies tt –> time exponent 2 –> information pointer to Times Square, Manhattan ….. 42nd Street   and the surface area of  time  giving humanoid equation 42  –> time origination point year 1942  and the face of TIME  …..  Stephen Hawking , DAMTP,   and Cambridge university who arrogantly refuse to acknowledge  these aspects of EARTHLY existence and its SYMBOL labels in year 2015.

–> TiBET –> Ti + BET –> Time   (probability route to)  Bethesda Lutheran Home in

Watertown, Wisconsin –> sine wave  LU = Logical Unit with 
humanoid interceptors  that pick up feeble sin wave signals


Bethesda Lutheran Home – Watertown Historical Society
1903. 07 14 A home for feeble-minded and epileptic children will be built in Watertown during the ensuing year under the auspices of a corporation formed at …

The Sino-Russian  Border Conflict, 1969: U.S. Reactions and …
Jun 12, 2001 – On 2 March 1969, the SinoSoviet border dispute took an exceptionally violent turn when Chinese forces fired on Soviet border troops patrolling …

Ruthenium – Element information, properties and uses ……/element/44/rutheniu
Royal Society of Chemistry

Element Ruthenium (Ru), Group 8, Atomic Number 44, d-block, Mass 101.07. Sources, facts, uses, scarcity (SRI), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and …

The quantum sin wave NODE  Ruthenium ss  interface atomic number BORDER conflicts in the periodic atomic table of elements

Sino-Indian border dispute – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 1962 Sino-Indian War was fought in both of these areas. … :96 The Chinese statements with respect to their border claims often misrepresented the cited …

1962 Sino-Indian War was fought
1962 Sino-Indian War was fought
1962 Sino-Indian War was fought over the sine wave city of electricity
….62 sin  o  –. relative to address 0
Copper isotope atomic mass  63  ..relative to number 1.
In computer address  ….. the dsiplacement from  number 0.
Thus  1 thru 63   …. is equivalent to
……….0  thru 62  …… hence, the EARTH generated  database of the message  EVENT of year 1962 with the sine waves representatives  of China  ….named Sino.

Past, Present and Future of Sino-Kazakhstan Relations…/…
China Internet Information Center

At the invitation of Kazakhstan President N. Nazarbayev, Chinese President Hu … a notable event in the continued development of SinoKazakhstan relations.


Sino-Kazakhstan Relations

Sine wave node  KHZ  radio … and Standard model Relations 
in FermiLAB husband   brain bio-radio controlled
……………………….bandwidth controls of percpetions
Below, the Chicago Chinatown physics    …

2009 Fort Ho  ….. particle Ho  shown above …..   shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The American flag at Fort Hood, Texas, flown at half-staff during a memorial ceremony honoring ….. “‘I am the shooter,’ Nidal Hasan tells Fort Hood court-martial”.

Shootings – ‎Casualties – ‎Shooter – ‎Reaction

Higgs boson BATTLE at 


Fort Hood  (shooting) and BOSTON (bombing) 

– Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In the Standard Model, the Higgs particle is a boson with no spin, electric …… two CP-even neutralHiggs bosons h0 and H0, a CP-odd neutral Higgs boson A0, …


Sino-French War – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The SinoFrench War (simplified Chinese: 中法战争; traditional Chinese: 中法戰争; … on Red River trade between Sơn Tây and Lào Cai on the Yunnan border.

Above the
Sino-French code–> Sin  node Fre + nc  –> Sine wave node frequency numerical control
Siam –> si + am–> sin wave amplitude
Thus we see year 2015 …. the earth DEMOS of   the  WORLD INTELLECT SYSTEM   …concepts of others.

Schopenhauer – World as Will and Idea –

Schopenhauer studied metaphysics and psychology at Göttingen and became a … The world as ideais the perfect mirror of the will, a shadow the body, in which …


Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche: The Earth has a skin and that …

Explore all famous quotations and sayings by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche on … 
The Earth has a skin and that skin has diseases, one of those diseases is man.

The Earth has a skin 
The Earth has a skin 
The Earth has a skin 
The Earth has a skin  .. dermatology of earth geography surface and human activities

Dermatology A to Z – American Academy of Dermatology…
American Academy of Dermatology

Learn more about Dermatology A to Z at … Dermatologists‘ tips that can help you keep yourskin, hair, and nails looking their best. for-kids-icon.jpg …


Dermatology A to Z – American Academy of Dermatology


Skin Cancer Types Pictures –‎

Search for Skin Cancer Types Pictures. Find Expert Advice on

Above…..    two possible factors in skin cancer
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (born Maria Ludwig Michael Mies; March 27, 1886 – August 17, 1969) was a German-American architect.[1] He is commonly referred to and was addressed as Mies, his surname.       ….  the  metal and glass skins of his buildings

Review of R, X, and Z : Reactance And Impedance — R, L … › … › Reactance And Impedance — R, L, And C
Before we begin to explore the effects of resistors, inductors, and capacitors connected together in the same AC circuits, let’s briefly review some basic terms and …

Impedance – HyperPhysics…/…
Georgia State University

The quantity Z is called impedance. For a pure resistor, Z = R. Because the phase affects theimpedance and because the contributions of capacitors and …

9. Impedance and Phase Angle – Interactive Mathematics

Apr 16, 2015 – The impedance of a circuit is the total effective resistance to the flow of current by a combination of the elements of the circuit. Symbol: Z.

Thus we have clues about existence in year 2015 .. versus  the incomplete explanations of newspapers and Pentagon, CIA,  and  government agencies.






An overview of sin, from a religious perspective of math and physics
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

Oct 20, 2002 - It is a key foundational concept in many religions.


Sin is a major theme in the Bible and in the religious texts of other faiths. For example: ...



Sin is a major theme in the Bible

Sin is a major theme in the Bible

Sin is a major theme in the mathematics  Bible.




What is the Christian doctrine of original sin?


  1. Original sin, also called ancestral sin, is the Christian doctrine of humanity's state of sin resulting from the fall of man, stemming from Adam's rebellion in Eden.


What is the Christian doctrine of original sin wave?




 The original sin wave   ...  from a human eye point of view ...would be sunlight.









Hence ..the SUN  and sunshine electromagnetic (EM)  sin waves   ...... thus the reason many people go to church on SUNDAY   .......  their primordial desire to study physics.





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